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Sunday, October 25, 2009

being imperfect is perfect.

people come, people go. people walk in and people walk out.
darn! i am bored with all that. yet, i have to go through all this.
obstacles in life. im not saying life is boring, but i am bored with people's behavior.
i am not trying to say that i am perfectly perfect because i am perfectly imperfect.
and i am not trying to make myself perfect because imperfect is perfect.
get what i mean?

aite. so many things happened in my life, in this fine 18 years, 10 months, 17 days.
gosh, i am not even 9teen yet!
ok, all these years, since i was in primary school, i never had a steady bestfriend.
until i came to BJ, i found joyce.
we had so much fun hanging out together, chatting all night long until the time that she finished her SPM,
went to INTI, and now at MAHSA.
still, we contact each other. but not as close like we were in school. how much i missed that moment.
becoming photographer, snapping this and that, went here and there.
while me, finished SPM, now at UiTM.
in BJ as well, i found Zamir, Raz, Dayah, Nenek, Ezza, Najwa, Kak Ani, and so many others.
but i found Hardy since primary school.
i love you la guys. i know there's too many things that happened in our life, but that doesn't break our friendship.
i know sometimes i did something silly, some mistakes, but i still need you guys. and i love all of you.

in UiTM, when i was in part 1, i found Sara. then we became tiga stujes, Sara, El and myself. they taught me what is life. not in a way that they teach me this and that, but in a way that only myself can see.
then in part 2, i found mamy. she is one of the most precious friend, very understanding. then i met kak naz, a very good sister, always there when i need an ear. not to forget, kak fara, kak pdah. great room mates. then we found 'geng', hanya tinggal nama. see, people can change at anytime. 'geng' has now become like, "you and me, we never knew each other at all". i mean like, we used to be in a group, why now everyone is changing? why left aqad alone? why we never talked to each other like we used to? why we never hang out like we used to? come on people! what the hell is going on?? is this what friendship means to you?? oh, they left me and sue. nevermind, i don't mind with that, i can stand on my own feet. i still have the others by my side. i still have Sara, Suhana, Mamy, Umi, and others who can support me from my back. thank you guys.

now, we're all in 3rd semester. and it is the end of the semester. i heard a lot, really a lot of complaints, from A to B, from C to F and blablabla. wait up. to me, friendship is a gift from god, it is very fragile. nice to see, nice to hold. once broken, considered sold. once you lose it, it's hard for you to get it back. we had little issue, it's now a quarrel, you and i now are not talking to each other. you said you're 9teen, but can you think like someone who is 9teen years old? i don't think so. if you keep on running from your problems, you are making yourself in trouble. oh, trouble is your friend isn't it? good then.

i now have my gojez. i have Sara, Sue, Shasha, Nel, Dba, Mas. in whatever things i am doing, gojez comes first. Sue is the latest member of gojez, and i am pulling mamy as the last member of gojez. if she wants. i love my friends. they were there whenever i need them. well yes, they are almost perfect friends to me. and i couldn't face it if i am gonna lose one of them.

i heard that some of my friends, not gojez, are backstabbing each other. people, that is not what friends are for. you don't talk bad behind your own friend or so-called-bestfriend. i suggest you to go wikisearch or google search for, friends, bestfriends, friendship, acquaintance and so on. then you judge yourself.


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i love u too.
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