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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


when a person requested something you can't, and you really can't, what would you do? for the sake of your friendship, you have to accept the fact that your friend wanted. whether you like it, or hate it, just go with the flow.

i am currently facing something i hate, something i wished not to happen. and it happen in a really short time. but as you wished, i'll go with the flow.

things might not be the same again, and it might just be like usual. let the time decide. but for the moment, i really hope that it will be just like it used to be. i miss all the good times we had together. i miss the time that we shared our laughter, cried together, holding hands, shared almost everything about our life. i want to bring back all the memories. i really am missing that moment.

i know that you are still there for me no matter what is gonna happen after this, cause after all these years we have been building our friendship, nothing can let it collapse.

my final words, i still love you and will always do.

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