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Saturday, June 5, 2010

this is what we call

this post is not a place for me to tell you people that i am doing a revenge, or karma is happening. it is not a blog for me to tell you people about my personal problem, nor a place for me to talk about politics.

stupid cupid. i dont know what to write and i dont know why i am typing.

my fingers acts faster than my brain.

i dont care whatever you wanna do pun, i dont have the rights to say no. but, remember, i am your friend, not your maid, not your driver, not your cleaner, not your teacher.

it's the end of the story, i have told you what i actually want, so can't u just please understand what i meant with it?

lady gaga sang the song named speechless. do you still remember the time when you suddenly left me behind? karma.

p/s : each paragraph don't link to one another. again, fingers acts faster than brain right now @ 10pm, June 5th.

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ouh sara said...

u nape??
ader problem with anyone??
just share it la..

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